Welcome to Pennsylvania Weather Action’s forum. Join us to stay ahead of the weather action by going behind the scenes with Lead Forecasters Josh Adams and Chris Corrigan. Below are the perks of joining the forum:

  • Weather forecasts will be posted in the forum before shared publicly on our Facebook page
  • Weather model images will be shared privately within the forum. Whether it’s a rain maker or a snowstorm, members will know exactly what every model is predicting several days before the expected event
  • Model threads. In the days and nights prior to a projected significant rainstorm or winter storm, we will be providing in depth analysis of each and every model run.
  • Earlier access to seasonal outlooks
  • Long range updates
  • Updates will be given about the upcoming winter before our official outlook is released in November
  • 24/7 communication with Pennsylvania Weather Action Lead Forecasters Josh Adams and Chris Corrigan